I was born in Janakpur (Nepal) where I spent most memorable and formative years of my life with my late grandfather. He not only shaped me as a person but also laid the foundations for a lifelong willingness to pursue education and wisdom.

After completing my primary and secondary education (Class I to X) from Siddartha Shishu Sadan (Janakpur, Nepal) in 2001, I joined the Delhi Public School (Dharan, Nepal) for my higher secondary education (Class – XI and XII). In 2004, I started my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering (BCE) at Institute of Engineering – Pulchowk Campus, Tribhuvan University (Kathmandu, Nepal) and completed in 2009. I received EU funded scholarship to pursue MSc in Computer Science (by research) at the University of York (UK) in 2009. In 2011, I received the Marie Curie fellowship to pursue a doctoral research at University of Twente (Netherlands). After completing my PhD in 2015, I joined the Product Lab of TomTom International in Eindhoven as a Senior Engineer. In 2016, I moved to Oxford (UK) to join the Visual Geometry Group (VGG) in Department of Engineering Science at Oxford University as Research Software Engineer in the Seebibyte project.

I love to communicate in Maithili (my mother tongue), Nepali, English, Hindi and I enjoy literary reading and writing in these languages (including Urdu). I am passionate about photography and I still dream of becoming a writer. I use Debian OS for my daily work and GNU Emacs for all my text and code editing needs. I like simplicity in design and life in general. I still enjoy hobby electronics, drawing cartoons, cycling, tea, talking with friends and family. I cannot play any musical instrument but love to listen to music. I enjoy reading auto-biography of people who have stood the test of time. I love to buy (low price edition books) and collect my faviourite books. I use pencil and paper to write and reflect about my ideas and thoughts. I love to watch rain and hear early morning bird chirps.

Our daughter (Aadhya, 4 years old) and our son (Aayam, 8 months old) are our eternal sources of unlimited happiness and pride. We live Oxford (UK).